Riders of the Storm Vietnam Vet Miramax
Reds Harry Reed Paramount
Spy Who Loved Me Bomb Specialist MGM/UA
Star Wars (1977) The Fixer 20th Cen. Fox
Star Wars (1977) Stormtrooper 20th Cen. Fox
The Eagle Has Landed Sgt. Hayley Columbia
Killer's Moon Pete CIC
Valentino Fatty's Manager U.A.
Magnum Special Peter Tracer AIP (US)
Guest Appearances
La Femme Nikita Frederick Borsos Warner Bros
Bergerac Beaumont BBC
Space: 1999 Carson ITV/CBS/Fox
Oppenheimer Rossi Lomanitz BBC/PBS
Anne of Avonlea Roy Gardiner BBC 1
The File On Jill Hatch US Army Lt. BBC/PBS
The Soldier Mark Israeli Pavilion
Zoo Story Jerry St. Thomas
Titus Andronicus Lucius Phoenix Thtr
Macbeth Banquo Phoenix Thtr
Batman Audio Tapes Batman Warner UK
Training & Instructors
John Strasberg (NFB), Vladimir Ryefski (Moscow Arts Theater)
Bill Millard (Children's Workshop), Maxim Mazumdar (Classical Theater)
Of Special Interest...